Official Herbalife Online Store: Why Not Buy Herbalife Products from Amazon?

When searching the internet for a way to buy Herbalife products online from an official Herbalife online store, Amazon always pops up as source. And why not, they’re only the largest online retailer! However, as an online retailer of Herbalife products for over 5 years now, I couldn’t tell you how many former Amazon Herbalife customers thanked us after receiving their Herbalife order from our official Herbalife online store. As they saved money, had questions answered, fresh product and we still don’t solicit memberships.

The Number 1 Complaint of buyers of Herbalife products from Amazon… “The products were only good for 1 month!”

official Herbalife online storeofficial Herbalife online storeHerbalife products, when shipped from the warehouse, have a shelf life of 1+ years. When you receive your order, you should have an expiration date stamped on the bottom of the container of each item. The expiration date should be somewhere around 11 months to a year+ from the time it was delivered. If it reads less, than that Herbalife item was sitting in someone’s house or in storage. Why would you want product that was sitting in someone’s house for a while? If the product does not come with an expiration date, just random numbers on the bottom, then the product was from a time when Herbalife didn’t provide expiration dates. In that case, trash it or return your product for a refund because it’s definitely out of date.

So, Why Not Buy Herbalife Products from Amazon?

  1. Herbalife prohibits it’s independent distributors from selling Herbalife products on Amazon, Ebay or any auction site. The person you’re dealing with to fulfill your order may be scamming the system.
  2. Offer is too good to be true. The number 1 complaint all of whom ordered Herbalife products to save a buck. Then only to find that they spent more on the auction site than if they were to shop directly with Herbalife’s independent member.
  3. You only have 14 days to return your Amazon Herbalife order. And you’ll be dealing with potentially a non-Herbalife person. At that point, you’ll not be able to return your order to Herbalife for a refund. Also, you have over 30 days with a real Herbalife distributor to return your order.
  4. Opportunity loss, not everyone wants to be involved with a mlm company and sell products. However, Herbalife offers a low cost membership option that provides access to all the Herbalife support videos. This video library has great tips on controlling your weight, fitness, looks and more. Only a Herbalife distributor can provide the direction on joining as a member.
  5. No product help – sometimes it’s nice to have the ability to connect with someone about taking the products. Maybe someone to send an email to about a specific question. The person selling on Amazon is just churning out sales. They don’t care to bother with you after you paid your money and if they reveal their identity they risk getting caught by Herbalife.
  6. All Herbalife orders come with the distributor ID number on the receipt. Make sure to look for a number similar to 00Y0000000 replacing the zero’s with numbers. I would question any order that doesn’t identify the Herbalife rep you dealt with in the transaction.

Herbalife Prices Online Independent DistributorThe reasons not to place an Herbalife product order on Amazon or any of the auction sites could probably continue. Just be aware that Herbalife sells through a network of independent distributors with strict guidelines on where and how to sell. If you, as the consumer, purchases Herbalife products outside of these guidelines of an official Herbalife online store, you may not be receiving the proper items you paid for with your hard earned money.

A Legitimate Herbalife Shopping Website

To see what a legitimate Herbalife online shopping website looks like, visit all the Herbalife Herbalife Online Pricingproducts will be listed. This official Herbalife online store is connected to the Herbalife warehouse inventory. So, if the Herbalife item is currently out of stock, you’ll not be able to purchase it. To see Herbalife product prices, register for a free account and all prices will appear below each item or with-in the list of products.


Don’t hesitate for reach out if you have any questions in regards to Herbalife products, shopping Herbalife online, pricing, memberships or simply general questions about weight control. If I don’t have the answer immediately, I probably have reliable sources to get the answer.

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